4 Things to Remember for Email Marketing Campaigns

An effective email marketing campaign is made up of several components and marketers need to find the right balance in order to truly prosper in the channel.

Despite being a traditional channel of engagement, a customer’s inbox is still the gateway to sales for a high number of businesses. Simply put, consumers still check their inboxes and, if content is interesting, it will be viewed.

The real challenge for marketers is developing messages that catch the attention of readers. Whether it is an exceptional discount, a competition or a beneficial piece of content, emails need to provide something extra to consumers.

1. Check your email campaign is optimised for mobiles

These days, all of us are glued to our smartphones, checking our Facebook profiles and emails several times a day in just a few slides and clicks.

However, many marketers still do not realise the importance of having a mobile-ready presence and it could be the reason why their email marketing does not reach targets.

Before planning a campaign, it is essential that responsive design can be used. This approach allows emails to shrink or expand depending on the size of the screen they are viewed on, ensuring that readers do not miss out vital information or suffer with poor quality video and images.

2. Use reliable email marketing software

There are many applications capable of delivering email marketing campaigns.

These pieces of email marketing software make it possible for marketers to identify the exact number of opens and clicks their messages receive, along with any downloads.

With these email marketing programs, companies can assess their email marketing efforts in detail and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their email blast campaigns.

3. Links! Links! Links!

Emails should be seen as a gateway to a company’s brand and need to include relevant links to readers.

Whether these are in image format or simple text, links will allow potential customers to gain more of an insight into a brand.

However, organisations need to use hyperlinks in moderation. If there are too many links on one page, readers will simply not know where to click.

What’s more, marketers need to be wary of compromising their brand identity. For example, if a company is aiming for a thought leadership approach, links need to offer advisory information to readers and give something that consumers can benefit from.

On the other hand, if an email marketing campaign is primarily sales-driven, links should point out particular offers and invite readers to spend their money by outlining the particular advantages of a product or service.

4. Emails are never perfect, carry out A/B testing

While email marketing campaigns are generally much cheaper than many other marketing channels, managers often still look for instant success and, sadly, this is not possible.

It may take a few weeks or months for an email marketing campaign to deliver the desired results, but professionals should not be discouraged by a weak open rate.

By carrying out A/B testing, marketers can finetune their emails and maximise their marketing potential.

Source: http://www.orphea.com/en/industry-news/article/content-management/4-things-to-remember-for-email-marketing-campaigns/801753025

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