Consumer Database Marketing: The Best Target Audience Analytics Tool To Gain Potential Business Contacts!


Consumer database marketing plays a pivotal role for every digital marketers in collecting and analysing the customers’ minds, thus making it easier to filter and specify the target market. This will help to secure an optimal customer relationship with the potential target audience even better than just blasting random email ads or putting up print ads on newspaper without knowing which target audience will reach out to you. Thereby, this makes database marketing a more fruitful strategy in unprecedented rate in this digital universe we are in.

  • Improved CRM (customer relationship management)

Using CRM to reach out to potential contacts especially from top-notch organisations is deemed not effective enough to have quality customer service if the company lacks the skills in database marketing. Just like doctors, if they are knowledgeable about medicine but not able to diagnose and prescribe the matching medications for respective patients’ illnesses, the possibility for patients to look for this particular doctor next time will decrease.

  • More detailed knowledge about your target market

Why is database marketing a substantial bridge for quality CRM practices in digital marketing companies? Because if your potential contacts reach out to you, and you already have an outline of the business demands, this will cause these contacts to take your service more seriously, and the contacts also will think that your company takes them seriously, and that you have contacted them prepared and also have done prior market research on respective business contacts. By knowing exactly what the customer wants, it will increase customer response rates and engagement, which will consequently quicken their purchasing decisions, thus driving higher sales lead generation. You want to make customers smile (customer happiness), then database marketing is for you!

  • Heightened customer retention

Not only so, customer database marketing is also a way to secure customer retention and customer loyalty towards your company offers. For customer to lose interest in you is easier and faster than plucking interested customers. The possibility to retain customers is low if you target them without knowing much about them. And this is where cognitive and behavioural analysis in database marketing have to come in to intervene!

  • Track and filter search navigation

For this, digital marketers use target segmenting by tracking and filtering search navigation. From there, digital marketers will modify and customise products or service in line with customer requests and interest field by demographics (company locations), firmographics (job functions and industry) and psychographics (purchasing habits history). Using the information gathered, digital marketers will extract the data and turn it into a monetary profit value by building effective business contact leads lists. This is the way digital marketers help clients to maximise profitability. Not only so, this will increase the visibility, credibility and the competitive USP (unique selling point) edge to catapult a cutting-edge future marketing penetration.

  • Measure performance results

Due to customer database marketing’s special power of manage potential target business contacts, database marketing has a higher result measurability. Every complaints, positive feedback, new purchases number, converted rates of sales traffic and revenue profits will be tracked and recorded systematically and detailed when using database marketing solutions. By this, it will give you a better direction in refining your marketing strategies and help you better in reaching out to customers.

  • Cost effectiveness in data scraping process

Moreover, database marketing promotes the cost effectiveness. In other words, it reduces the marketing cost which saves unnecessary expenditure on other means of marketing which is a slow process and having uncertainties in the potency of sales leads, while being easier to understand the clients and customer needs. It saves the company expenditure by knowing which products or service has low sales lead generation, and from there, the company can reduce or prescribe the relevant products to relevant potential leads, in which it inadvertently monitors the marketing strategies budget.

This is because the data scraping updates and tracking new leads can be automated just by using Google Maps. This saves the travelling time and also even the time spend to increase productivity, which is also the advantage of database marketing whereby convenience can coexist with productivity. Adding on, database marketing can generate faster performance result with a more complete data lists of contacts just by the power of software and cutting-edge technology.

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