How does content marketing work?


Content marketing is the process of providing prospects or clients some useful content which promote identity, history and values of the brand. Companies can therefore create eBooks, infographics, tutorials, videos and so on, as long as they present their services or products in a playful and an appealing way. Creativity is essential when it comes to content marketing and must be well-planned.

Nowadays, content is a must in marketing. It is almost impossible to have a good marketing strategy if there’s no content.  Whether you’re using SEO or Social Media marketing, your content must be of the highest quality.

There are also a lot of works on content creation:

  • Content strategy. You need to define your goals and your client’s. Each of them has different needs and expectations and therefore, they call for different type of content. Each content must differ from another one and you need to be more and more creative.


  • Keyword research. This is also really important for your SEO and your ROI. You need to know what your audience search for if you wish to provide them relevant content. Pay attention to each word and check your SEO ranking frequently.


  • Competitive analysis. You constantly need to keep an eye on your competitor. You need to analyse what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Check their blogs, their social media, their audience.


You can actually put keyword research and competitive analysis together since you need to know about your competitor’s keywords. You have to create new and better ones so that your website will appear first when your audience is looking for something.


Now let’s look at some figures:



Thanks to this survey findings, you can see how much content marketing is used, especially in B2B companies.



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