The Next Trend in Marketing: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Next Trend in Marketing: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What’s next in marketing? Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dominate marketing!

Consistency is a significant issue in daily business operation and therefore AI can be considered as a best partner for marketers. Besides, AI is also the first contact point for marketers when trying to reach customers while robots ultimately answer us. Businesses now are increasingly relying on this effective method to do marketing.

At first, what is artificial intelligence (AI)? Three subareas of AI are machine learning techniques, applied propensity models and AI applications. Machine learning is the essential area in AI and this technique is to learn automatically from historical data by using algorithms and do something without human intervention.  Applied propensity models are generalizing traits of historical buyers; while AI application is associated with human operator such as answering enquiries.

Why artificial intelligence (AI)?

  • Good tracking and deeper insights
  • Delivering high-quality results
  • Save time, money and efforts
  • Increase brand sophistication in analysing customer information
  • Enhanced personalization and creativity
  • Marketing automation

Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now are virtual personal assistants on different platforms which involved IOS, Android and others. In other words, these are intelligent applications in helping us to find useful information by using voice search in daily life. For instance, we can do voice search “Where’s the nearest Korean restaurant?” and it will respond by finding relevant information. However, voice search will change SEO strategies in future due to its ability to increase organic traffic and purchase intention of customers.

Moreover, chatbots can understand and interpret the queries of customers and complete orders for them. Example is Facebook messenger, which has its own chatbots (automated text-based virtual assistants) which allows train bots with sample conversations and keep interacting with customers.

The development and improvement of AI are vital for future marketing efforts; marketers can’t overlook the beneficial of using robots in business implementation and we should cater it effectively. AI might help us in reaching the goal of contact the right customers with the right offer through the right channel at the right time.



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