Plain Text Email VS HTML Email

Thinking about creating an email campaign for the first time?

Let’s understand the difference between two types of email newsletter: plain text email and HTML email.

Plain text emails are email newsletter without any HTML coding or images. It’s the most basic email newsletter and it does not require any HTML knowledge.

HTML emails are email newsletter with html coding. Often it starts with an email template and has visual graphics. Below is an example of HTML email newsletter.

Both plain text emails and HTML emails have their own pros and cons.  Indefinitely, you have to figure out then, what’s best for your own campaign. Now let’s have a look at their pros and cons.

Pros of using plain text emails:

  • Good email deliverability
  • Does not require HTML or coding knowledge
  • Less risk of getting into spam folders
  • All email clients support plain text version of email campaign

Cons of using plain text emails:

  • Does not look attractive, boring
  • Reader might get distracted and confused in between lines
Pros of using HTML emails:

  • More attractive, have greater visual impact
  • Easily understood
  • Dynamic and can be personalized
  • Higher response ratio

Cons of using HTML emails:

  • Higher formatting time
  • Increase in email size
  • Require HTML or coding knowledge

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