ISO 9001:2000 (Trainer : Mr. Tejwinder Singh)
▪ ISO 9001:2000 Awarenes
▪ ISO 9001:2000 Documentation
▪ ISO 9001:2000 Internal Quality Audit
▪ ISO 9001:2000 Auditor Transition Training
▪ Effective Document Control
▪ ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor Training
▪ Effective Quality Management Representative

QS 9000/TS 16949:200
(Trainer : Mr. Tejwinder Singh)
▪ QS 9000 Awareness Training
▪ QS 9000 Documentation Training
▪ QS 9000 Internal Audit Training
▪ FMEA Training
▪ MSA Training
▪ SPC Training
▪ APQP/PPAPTraining
▪ TS 16949:2002 Awareness
▪ TS 16949:2000 Internal Audit Training
▪ Document conversion from QS 9000:1998 to ISO/TS 16949:2002
▪ Manufacturing Process Audit
▪ 8D Problem Solving
▪ Poka Yoke Training

(Trainer: Mr. Tejwinder Singh/Siva)
▪ 7 QC Tools Training
▪ Seven New Quality Management Tools
▪ Business Excellence
▪ TQM Awareness Training
▪ Continual Improvement Workshop
▪ Implementing QCC
▪ Cost of quality
▪ Six Sigma Awareness Training
▪ Lean Manufacturing
▪ Total Productive Maintenance
▪ Leadership Training
▪ Cost Reduction Training
▪ Balanced Score Card Training
▪ Just In Time Training
▪ Quality Function Deployment
▪ Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award
▪ Writing Business Plan
▪ Project Management for Manufacturing
▪ Enhancing Service Quality
▪ Benchmarking
▪ Effective Teamwork
▪ Gemba Kaizen
(Associate Trainer: Puan Saleha, Systats Consulting)
▪ Six Sigma Overview
▪ Six Sigma Champion/Leadership
▪ Six Sigma Manufacturing Black Belt
▪ Six Sigma Manufacturing Green Belt
▪ Six Sigma Technical Master Black Belt
(Trainer: Mr. Sivapalan)
▪ Prime Minister's Quality Award
▪ Quality Management Excellence Award by MITI
GENERAL MANAGEMENT (Trainer: Mr. Sivapalan)
▪ New Management Tools
▪ 5S for a quality workplace
▪ Production Planning and Control
▪ Industrial Engineering for supervisors
▪ Effective Project Management
▪ Method Study
▪ Effective Records Management
▪ Effective Store Keeping
▪ Warehouse Management
▪ Basic Management for Executives
▪ Motivation and Job Satisfaction
▪ Business Process Re-engineering For Managers
▪ Tools for Business Process Re-engineering
▪ Occupational Health and Safety
(Associate Trainer : Puan Saleha,Systats Consulting)
▪ Statistical Thinking For Management
▪ Advanced Statistical Process Control
▪ Acceptance Sampling Plan
▪ Statistical Methods For Testing
▪ Statistical Methods For Reliability and Maintainability
▪ Introduction to Design of Experiments
▪ Design of Experiments
▪ Regression Analysis
▪ Advanced Design of Experiments
▪ Multivariate Modeling
(Trainer : Mr. Saravanan)
▪ Top Management Environmental Awareness Training
▪ Environmental Regulations Training
▪ Environmental Aspects Identification Training
▪ Environmental Impacts Evaluation Training
▪ Environmental Policy, Objectives and Programmes Training
▪ Operational Control Training
▪ Internal Environmental Auditor Training
▪ Developing a certifiable environmental management system to ISO 14001
▪ Hazard Identification and risk assessment training
(Trainer : Mr. Saravanan)
▪ Top Management OHSAS Awareness Training
▪ OHSAS Regulations Training
▪ Safety Hazards Identification Training
▪ Safety Risks Evaluation Training
▪ OHSAS Policy, Objectives and Programmes Training
▪ Operational Control Training
▪ Internal OHSAS Auditor Training
▪ Developing a certifiable OHSAS management system to ISO 14001
▪ Hazard Identification and risk assessment training
(Trainer: Mr. KL Ng)
▪ ISO /IEC 17025 Awareness Training
▪ Documenting ISO/IEC 17025 based Laboratory Management System
▪ ISO/IEC 17025 Internal Quality Audit Training
▪ Measurement and Calibration Training
▪ Measurement Uncertainity
WELLNESS (Trainer: Jagdev Singh)
▪ The New Way Of Increasing Productivity At Your Workplace
- A Nutritional Approach
▪ Living Successfully in a Stressful Environment
▪ Preventing Heart Attacks
▪ Death Begins At Colon
ENGLISH (Trainer: Hardev Kaur)
▪ English for Workplace
▪ English for Written Communication
▪ English for Academic Purposes
▪ Business English
▪ English for Management
On the average, 22 days of a Japanese worker's time in a year is spent on training
We have been conducting training since 1991 and have trained thousands of people from various organizations including Sony Technologies, Elektrisola, Siemens Group, Panasonic Group, Hicom Group (Hicom Diecastings, Hicom Yamaha, Hicom Engineering), Samsung, Canon, Petronas, Nitto Denko, Polyparts, Shin Etsu, Nationwide Express Courier Service, Malaysian Bar Council, IJM, NEC, Omron, Lucas Automotive, 3M, Sumitomo, TNB, Telekom, SIRIM, Felda Bina, TLDM, Cahya Mata Sarawak, JSEDC, Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai, Likom, JKR, IKRAM, Hospital Fatima, TTDI Development, Binary College, Technomeiji, Syarikat Percetakan New Light and many others.
Internationally, we have conducted training in Thailand (for TISI, SIRIM equivalent), Indonesia (for DSN, SIRIM equvalent) China (for Shanghai Audit Centre), Kygyzstan (for Kyrgyzstan Standards Body), Singapore .
Some of the comments I have had from my training include:
'Very Entertaining', 'Able to capture mood of the attendees', 'Good speaker', 'Provoke interaction between him and audience', 'Clear and good sense of humour which make lecture not boring', 'Very good, not sleepy', 'Excellent presentation', 'Presentation is very good'
Tejwinder Singh
(Mobile: 013-3521324)
- Principal Consultant, Quality Issues
- MBA (TQM), B.E. (Hons), Certificate in Quality   Engineering,
- IRCA Registered QMS 2000 Principal Auditor
  (since 1993)
- AJA EQS Approved QS 9000 Auditor
- SIRIM Approve Trainer
- Charter Member, ASQ's Quality Audit Division
- Lead Tutor for IRCA Approved TS 16949:2002 & ISO   9001:200
- Lead Auditorining
- Trained over 20000 auditors world wide
Quality Issues is a dynamic training & consulting firm established in Malaysia to provide a comprehensive range of consulting, training and support services in the field of Quality Management, Business Improvement and Strategic Management.
At Quality Issues, we focus on organization improvement and the developmnging business world. We help our clients drive significant results through improved processes, products and services.
Our consulting and training services include: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, QS 9000/ TS 16949:2002, ISO/IEC 17025, Six Sigma, Achievement of Quality Awards (e.g. Prime Minister’s Quality Award), Productivity Enhancement, Lean Manufacturing, Balanced Scorecard and many other business improvement initiatives.
Why Choose Us
We make your company’s quest for success and your own job much easier; helping you develop management systems recognized and respected internationally.
Our in-house consulting team assists companies to write quality manuals and other appropriate documentation; explains the audit process; demonstrates the use of ISO 9001; and other international standards leading to development of effective quality/environment/safety management systems. Our guidance can cut months off the required time to obtain certification.
Our dedicated staff provides personalized service that satisfies your deadlines and industry requirements. We help your company increase efficiency, improve performance and maximize customer confidence. Our approach in practical training, support and professional advice is very effective, cost beneficial and enhance management teams.
Although locally incorporated, our consultants are renowned in the market for their services and contributions in various industries for more than two decades. We can draw on the resources of an extensive team of professionals, local and international in the application of Quality Management and Business Improvement techniques. We can adapt to your ever changing environment, needs and goals, creating latest methods for you.
We believe that successful Management of Quality and Business Improvement depends on the simultaneous development of People, Processes and Systems. We provide an unequaled range of quality management and business improvement services to commerce area industry.
We have built a reputation for outstanding service, in-depth knowledge and superior results. Call and find out how we can make a difference for your company.
Our ISO 9001:2000 and TS 16949:2002 Lead Auditor Training courses are approved by the IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors), UK.
We believe that personnel are the most valuable asset within an organization and therefore require considerable investment to develop them. We have an enviable reputation, expertise and track record for providing practical expertise, enjoyable and cost effective training programmes which impart vital new capabilities and qualification to participants with them leaving with lasting memories.
Through responsiveness and creativity, we consistently have workshop attendees feeling good having spent time with us. Our facilitators are quick in adjustments during workshops, maintaining a good balance of lecture and activity to allow attendees to get involved in their own training to utilize what they learned right away.
Our extensive portfolio of training courses includes:
• Quality Management Philosophy
• ISO 9000 Understanding and Awareness
• ISO 9000 System Development and Implementation
• ISO/TS 16949, automotive quality management system
• ISO 14000 Environmental Management System
• OHSAS 18000 Safety Management System
• ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Management System
• Measurement Uncertainty
• Internal Auditor Training
• Register Auditor/Lead Auditor Training
• Total Quality Management
• Problem Solving Tools
• Business Excellence
• Six Sigma Technical Master Black Belt
• Design of Experiments
• Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award
• Leadership Training
• General Management
Management Consultancy
An organisation’s system should contribute towards customer satisfaction, efficiency & effectiveness and ultimately profitability. Our professional management consultants have a wealth of experience in the application of management principles, tools and techniques to a wide range of industrial and service sector clients.
We analyze our clients’ needs and structure our services according to their time, resources and budgets. Examples are Direct Hands on Advice and Consultancy; Training Lead Guidance with support; Full time consultancy on a loan basis.
Our consultancy services include:
ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, QS 9000/ TS 16949:2002, ISO/IEC 17025, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Business Excellence, Achievement of Quality Awards (e.g. Prime Minister’s Quality Award),Productivity Enhancement, Balanced Scorecard and many other business improvement initiatives.
We speak your language and help you realize your true potential for quality, customer satisfaction and excellence. We have the time, techniques and enthusiasm to ensure you succeed.
List Of Corporate Clients
Our satisfied clients include Canon, Sony Technologies, Flextronics, Jabil Circuit, Matsushita Group, Solectron, Siemens Group, Nationwide Express, Malaysian Bar Council, Sapura, Telekom, TNB, Petronas, IJM, MRCB, UDA Holdings, TLDM, PNB, SIRIM, Orix, Sony Logistics, TNT Express, Hicom Group, Omron, Samsung, Sumitomo, Binary College, Cheang and Ariff (legal firm), Hewlett Packard, Malaysian Sheet Glass, Delloyd Industries, Shinetsu Group, Tanashin (Indonesia), Lucas Automotive, Possehl Electronics, NEC Semiconductors, Pioneer, Alps Electric and many others.
Quality Issues (001399795-P)
12A (Ground Floor), Jalan Seri Damai Tiga, Taman Seri Damai, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Tel: 603-87341966 H/P: 013- 3521324 Fax: 603- 8734 1966 Email:,,