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“Protect your employees from phishing attacks. The best of phishing simulation assessment from Cyber Intelligence & ThreatSim.”

? How vulnerable are your end-users against phishing attacks?
? Are your email and spam filters failings to block phishing messages?
? Do your end users fall for phishing messages?
? Is your security awareness program not effective in training end users?
Email, web, and spam filters are not able to block every spear phishing message
Over the past several years we continue to see breaches due to spear phishing even though the organizations were using spam filters. Affected organizations include Sony, RSA, New York Times, State of South Carolina, and Epsilin. Attackers continue to use spear phishing because end users consistently fail to recognize malicious messages.

Fight Back Against Phishing

ThreatSim enables you to run simulated spear phishing attacks against your end users and provide training to the most susceptible. ThreatSim customers have achieved up to an 80%+ decrease in phishing click rates.
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Start by uploading your end user's emails into the ThreatSim portal. Create groups to segment users.
End users receive phishing messages immediately or at the specific scheduled time you set.
To start training, create a simulated phishing campaign using ThreatSim's intuitive user interface.
End users that fall for the bait are immediately shown an informative training explaining what just happened
Select a phishing template from ThreatSim's extensive library, or create a customized spear phishing message using ThreatSim's full-featured editor. You can also cut-and-paste actual phishing messages directly into the editor.
Track your results and progress using ThreatSim's advanced and feature-rich reporting engine.
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