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Everyone knows you need to diversify your portfolio from downward pressure in-between business cycles.  It’s also well known that over the long term, one of the best ways to do this is by diversifying asset classes.  Prudential’s number one Evergreen Saver is an estate friendly, whole life saving plan, currently achieving 6% annual growth that can easily help you smooth the bumps of market corrections on the road to retirement.

In fact, with Single Pay, 5 and 10 year options, Evergreen Growth Saver provides flexible and competitive USD or HKD returns that can help you plan your future with ease. You can receive your share of distributable profits (presently at least 90%) in the form of bonuses. A proportion
(at most 10%) of distributable profit is allocated to shareholders when a distribution of profits is made to policyholders (and yes, that’s you!).
Policyholders receive their share of profits declared to be distributable in the form of bonuses. This is at present 90% of distributable profit.


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