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 PAXTON – Network Access Control Solution  
Net 2v5 Software  
Net 2v5 Software Experience the new Net2v5 Software with these highly efficient and great cost saving features:
 Turnstile Mode
Turnstile Mode
What is it?
When used in turnstile mode, a single Paxton access controller can now operate a bi-directional turnstile.
How can it be used?
A turnstile can now be used as a controlled entrance and exit, using only one Paxton access controller. This saves time on installation and is cost-effective for you or your customer.
 Temporary Access Permissions
Temporary Access Permissions
What is it?
Allow a user temporary access to a door or area for a specific period of time.
How can it be used?
This is ideal for sites that employ shift workers or contractors and need staff to have temporary access permissions.
Wireless Net2 Paxlock  
 HD Panoramic Camera Wireless, battery powered Net2 access control
Fully network door access system to be control
  by P.C
Connects up to 1,000 doors with Net2 Nano &
  Net2 Plus on a single system
Simple door handle solution that can be fitted
  in minutes
Events are reported back to the Net2 server
  in real time
Full battery management system with low battery
  alerts and easy-change AA batteries
The only access control product to be certified
  "Green" by Singapore Green Building Council
 HD Panoramic Camera
 ievo® – Fingerprint Biometric Solution  
 Fingerprint Biometric Solution
Fingerprint Biometric Solution
Using unrivalled multispectral imaging technology for the fingerprint sensor and a robust algorithm to generate a template, ievo® products are the most reliable and effective on the market.
 Fingerprint recognition
Fingerprint recognition
Perhaps the most popular form of biometric technology is fingerprint scanning. Capturing multiple reference points of the fingerprint through the biometric scanner, an algorithm is then used to convert this image into a code which effectively becomes a digital form of you. This is stored on a database for comparison which grants
authentication into the secured area.

 Why ievo®
Why ievo® fingerprint recognition?
Uniquely, the ievo® biometric sensor scans multiple images of the fingerprint – from the top layer and beneath (sub-dermal) layer of the skin, using superior technology called multi-spectral imaging. This produces a high quality fingerprint image which after being converted into a digital code by the algorithm, allows the fingerprint to be scanned even with types of residue present on the skin. ievo® fingerprint readers are therefore the most reliable on the market and have become known for their quality
and unrivalled technology.
Effectiveness comparison
 Easy IP Access Control
 LILIN  – CCTV Solution  
 HD Panoramic Camera
Full HD Panoramic Camera
Hardware dewraping technology
No integration required for third-party VMS
No mechanical maintenance issue
No loud motor noise compared to PTZ
Ideal for convenient store application
IR-cut, audio, and PoE built-in
 HD Panoramic Camera
Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) built into camera
 Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)
 World's First NVR Touch
World's First NVR Touch
Standalone NVR, records 16 channels of 1080P at real-time
Full HD outstanding video quality
Sub-stream recording
Multi Touch ePTZ
Easy backup
Easy Alarm Management
Easy IP camera setup
Up to 8 HDDs recording
iPhone, Android and iPad
Network Video Recorder for IP cameras
Full HD
It is not a PC, no licenses are required
Touch screen interface
Supports 3TB HDD and eSATA RAID
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