eStatement Delivery Solution

In this increasingly electronic era, Wave Evolution offers a fast and secure e-Statement delivery solution where you can make a seamless transition to e-Statements. E-Statements are electronic versions of mailed paper statements. These electronic versions look identical to paper statements but have the extra advantage of being available to clients quickly and easily through a secure web portal. We understand that technology can sometimes be intimidating, which is why Wave Evolution is here to help ease your mind. We can have you up and running in days with very little involvement from your IT department.

The e-Statement Advantages

✔ Significant savings – reduction of paper, printing and postage costs
✔ Eco-friendly – contribute to corporate green initiatives. Save trees, reduce greenhouse gases associated with paper manufacturing, printing, and mail transportation
✔ Increased security - all accounts are confidential and secured by online login credentials. Contents are encrypted, secure and digitally protected
✔ Convenience – empower your clients to securely view, download and print the e-Statement with all the security features intact
✔ Mobile ready – viewable on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and MAC
✔ Easy integration – requires no installation, no additional fees for user licences or infrastructure purchase, pay per use pricing
✔ Additional marketing opportunities – with targeted advertisements included in the e-Statements, you can further establish your brand footprints and advertise your services/product offers

Once you are onboard, we can provide real-time updates to your e-Statements delivery and sending status reports. The “E” in eStatement delivery not only means electronic, it means Easy as well. Reach out to Wave Evolution for your next move on digitization.

How e-Statement Delivery System Works?

Firstly, do note that our application does not compile your customer account data from your business billing software and convert to PDF file (e-Statements). All your customer e-Statement has to be generated from your business billing software, and our system will dispatch and deliver to the defined recipients by email.

When all e-Statements (PDF documents for each recipients) are ready, our application is useful to send campaigns with attachments specific to each recipients. You can define the storage path on the server where all the attachments will be stored. Once the storage path is set, you can create sub-folders inside it and inside these sub-folders, you will place your custom attachments specific to each recipients where you’ll upload them via FTP/SFTP.
When creating a campaign, you will be able to select the actual folder where the attachments reside and also specify the file format for attachments.

Our e-Statement system can be deployed in 2 different models:
✔ Cloud-based which is hosted on our servers and accessed through a web browser.
✔ On-premise which is installed locally on a your enterprise's own servers, within your IT infrastructure.

Still not sure which deployment model is right for your organization? Contact our advisors today to help you determine your needs to fulfill your e-Statement sending requirements.

Ready to get started?

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eStatement Delivery

We offer a fast and secure e-Statement delivery solution where you can make a seamless transition from mailed paper statements