B2B Telemarketing Services

We are dedicated outbound B2B telemarketing specialists helping our clients and their sales teams, generate sales leads, sales appointments, attendance at events & webinars, lead qualification & nurturing and other valuable leads to ensure that your sales teams are never idle. We use our high-quality B2B telemarketing lead generation solutions to proactively target hard-to-reach top decision makers, by having specialist teams that concentrate on different verticals i.e. IT technology products telemarketing, conference / event RSVP telemarketing etc. In addition, we have large pool of local Asian native language speakers that focus on different geographic regions in Southeast Asia & Hong Kong. Our B2B telemarketing services ensure that you laser target those executives that make purchasing decisions, fill the sales funnel by putting you in front of customers that are interested in your products and services.

Our full range of outbound B2B telemarketing services

Data Profiling Services | Free Access to Targeted B2B Database for Telemarketing

Your telemarketing campaign is only as good as your data. Criteria-based profiling to ensure that data from either your database or third party data sources is fully cleaned validated and qualified. By using our proprietary B2B database platform, our specialised telephone researchers can easily profile and accurately segment your data to build a bespoke list enriched with actionable insights that enable you to strategically target high-value prospects. Your telemarketing campaign with Wave Evolution comes with B2B database component at no additional cost.

Types of Telemarketing Activities:

Lead Generation

Building and nurturing a pipeline of high-value leads and opportunities consistently, engaging top B2B decision-makers through unscripted conversations to uncover pain points and generate interest, delivering to you a steady stream of qualified buyers.

Lead Qualification & Nurturing

We provide qualified B2B appointments and leads that fit your precise specification including BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timescale) and other criteria, sending only sales qualified leads (SQLs) into the sales funnel.

Event Marketing (Webinar & Conference)

Whilst email invitations can be effective, they can easily be ignored or sent to the incorrect party. Adding telemarketing to the event marketing mix helps you to realise your event’s full potential. We can call to invite (to qualify prospects and promote the event), make follow-up calls to gauge interest to complete the registration, and to finally make reminder calls to boost overall attendance.

Appointment Settings

Successful appointment setting requires meaningful human interaction with senior decision makers. A phone call combined with the persuasive skills of seasoned telemarketers, persistent and undeterred by gatekeepers, gets you the attention of the senior decision makers you struggle to reach through digital channels. Our expert appointment setting service not only frees up sales time but ensures well-qualified appointments, fully compliant with your needs.

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