Digital Marketing for Retailers in Asia

Digital Marketing for Retailers in Asia

2018’s entrance comes with a move in digital marketing due to the high demand of integrated experiences from consumers and dynamic changes in consumer behavior. Apparently, digital marketing trend transformed businesses in Asia.

Most of the businesses in Malaysia are adopting digital marketing to capture the lucrative online marketplace with excellent digital marketing tools for sustaining businesses in this intense competition. Therefore, it is very significant for retailers to understand their digital marketing campaign better through tracking engagements, likes and shares as well as analyzing social traffic patterns for improving their weaknesses.

In Singapore, small and large companies are now revolving to digital marketing and started to move into a highly digitalized society. Today’s businesses in Singapore are implementing aggressive digital marketing strategies such as Facebook advertising, search engine optimisation, paid search, and mobile marketing to reach even wider target audiences.

Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries are also following this trendsetter and started to adopt digital marketing in their businesses.

The top three effective digital marketing channels:

Email Marketing

  • Email receives average 30 times of return on investment (ROI) for businesses

Social Media Marketing

  • In 2018, social media users achieves 3.196 billion and increase 13% year-on-year

Search Engine Marketing

  • Before the purchase, shoppers (80%) will do research online
  • Consumers (71%) will engage the websites or click on a link from the first page of their search results


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