How Do SEO Pricing Packages Work?

Let us help you understand

how SEO services work

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps websites to be more visible on search engines. To do so, you have to assure the quality of the traffic as well as its’ quantity to provide organic results. It means that if you want to attract potential clients to land on your website, you will need to make sure that what you offered interests them. The quality of the traffic will be better if you have the right people clicking on the right page. And therefore, you will not pay for any traffic and get organic results. > not organic = paid “ads.”

Differences between organic (non-paid) and paid ads.

When it comes to SEO pricing packages, generally there are 3 different options available in the market:

  • Hourly
  • Monthly
  • Per project

Different packages according to AYTM’s infographic


Hourly SEO service means that you will pay the company per hour with a fixed rate. It may seem to be a valuable investment since you know what you will pay for. The range for the service rate can go from <US$25/hour up to US$501 and above. According to AYTM’s infographic, the price depends on the size of the company, its’ location, the requirement of services and more. It doesn’t seem to have a big success in India.

Hourly SEO payment has pros and cons of course. Even though it provides accountability and transparency, as the ranking can takes up to 6 months to see improvements, it will cost you a lot of money before you start seeing results.

                                                  US                  UK                    GFIN*               CA                       IN**                    AU-NZ

Hourly rates according to AYTM’s infographic


When it comes to monthly SEO services, we can say that it’s more for long-term partnerships. The price varies here as well, it can go from <US$50 up to US$50,000 for some companies in Europe (cf. AYTM’s infographic.)

Just like the hourly service, it has pros and cons. Since this is a long-term commitment, you might be wasting time and money as most companies offer a basic 6-month contract and as previously mentioned, it can take up to six months to get proper results. However, monthly SEO services mostly means that someone is fully managing your campaign for you. This allows both partners to build a strong partnership and a better communication.

Monthly rates according to AYTM’s infographic

Per Project

As we can see from the infographic by AYTM, per project SEO service is the most widely accepted among the three. We can see that the prices are really different from a mainland to another. As India would rather pay between US$100 and up to US$7,500, some companies would not mind spending +US$75,000 on SEO services.

If you have a very strict budget allocation then this might be the best service for you since you will know exactly what you will get. You can expect a contract that will stipulate everything about the price and how long it will take to deliver what you will get. However, it does not give you any flexibility and you might be paying too much. Additional fees will be imposed if you need to change certain terms on the contract.

               US                    UK                  GFIN*                  CA                        IN**                 AU-NZ

Project-based pricing according to ATYM’s infographic

When it comes to SEO services, you still have to be careful of black hat SEO. It means that if you get instant results, something is wrong. Google can therefore blacklist your domain and it usually takes months to recover. Moreover, using cheap SEO is not always the best. Of course, it can be helpful if you are operating in small scale or you just started out your business but you still need to be extra careful. Some companies still prefer custom pricing since each company has different needs.

* GFIN = Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands

** IN = India

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